Data Validation

Undeliverable and harmful addresses can lead to blocking and blacklisting by ISPs. Even something as innocent as a typo on a registration form can mean a lost opportunity to connect with a valuable customer. Our data validation services neutralize these threats with a bulletproof method of separating the good addresses from those that are not safe to email or mail. We analyze your list for invalid emails, opt-outs, bounce history, and complainers.


Validate Email Addresses to Improve Deliverability

Bounces, complaints and spam trap hits caused by invalid or fraudulent email addresses reduce the number of emails that make it to the inbox. Our fast, accurate and secure Email Validation service can remove bad emails from your list, leading to higher opens, clicks and conversions.

Benefits of email validation:

  • Keeps your email lists free of harmful, invalid email addresses
  • Maintains sender reputation with Internet Service Providers
  • Boosts email marketing campaign performance

Our solution works by performing multiple checks on the syntax, domain, mail server and account. All validation occurs in real time, meaning no database lookups. This email verification process can be done at the point of collection or in bulk on an ad hoc basis.

Because clean data always produces best results

Sending good emails to bad lists is worse than sending bad emails to a good list. We’ve been around the email marketing game long enough to know that even a marginal difference in list quality can result in a major difference in the final outcome.


How we protect your data

Protecting your data is an absolute priority for us. As a company, we have very strict internal controls on how data is handled.

  • As a starting point, only you have access to your data.
  • Any data cleaned through the ‘bulk upload’ option is deleted after 90 days or immediately after you click on the ‘Delete List’ icon.
  • Any data being cleaned using the API for email address validation is never stored on our servers.
  • In addition to that, in the live environment, you are logged in through a secure and encrypted screen that prevents your login credentials from being “sniffed” out partway through the login process.

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