Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the best way to develop, build, and grow the marketing connections with your target audience. Our job is to establish and leverage this connection to help you cultivate your customers and build lasting, profitable relationships.Our goal is to provide your company with the mailing and marketing support that will help you reach your target audience in the most effective manner.

Our Direct Marketing Services

We have special expertise in helping small businesses implement direct mail programs. We can help you formulate the right marketing strategy, source and manage your direct mail lists, develop compelling creative solutions, so that you can then print and mail your campaign easily and affordably.

Our services include:

  • Strategic campaign development
  • List acquisition
  • Complete direct response agency services
  • Print procurement
  • Data processing
  • Mailing services
  • Postal services
  • E-mail development and deployment
  • Integrated direct mail and digital microsites
  • Response analysis and online media tracking

Choose the Best List

  • Current customers are often the best prospects for additional sales.
  • Inactive or dormant accounts are also a good bet.
  • For new prospects, define what your ideal prospect “looks like,” then find a list with those criteria. It’s best if you can identify past behavior – someone who has already responded to you or to a business similar to yours. Demographic characteristics like age, income, business size or geography, will also go a long way in defining your target audience.
  • The best mailing lists target a person’s name, but if you are mailing to smaller organizations, mailing to a title instead of a name can also be successful and assure better market coverage.

We help make integrated marketing stress-free! With years of expertise and success in direct response marketing we have helped our customers create, develop and produce programs that are designed to get results. We do this through perpetual A/B split testing to optimize the “control” and deliver the desired results in a logical and progressive manner. Our integrated capabilities enable us to provide our customers with effective and efficient solutions for traditional direct marketing programs.

The great thing about doing business with us is you don’t have to go to 6 different places to get your job out. We can process your entire job “in house”. Waiting for an outside vendor to get their part done is no longer an issue. We will make sure your direct marketing campaign hits on time and without delay.

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Our Clients

  • Accenture

  • Visa

  • Google

  • Samsung

  • Dell

  • IBM

  • Disney

  • Honda

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